Storeroom & Materials Management iBL® | (9 Month Program)

Eruditio is excited to offer iBL® curriculum for Storeroom Team Members to create a world class storeroom!

Through the Storeroom & Materials Management iBL® course you will work with one of our SMRP certified coaches that will help apply each of the skills you learn to your facility. The iBL® curriculum uses tools such as cutting-edge multi-path eLearning, hands-on real-world simulations, project-based application, and interactive instruction that will have you learning and having fun while doing so! 

Whatever your role may be in the storeroom, this course was created for all team members helping eliminate the following struggles many facilities encounter. 

Common downfalls in Storerooms across facilities:

- 97% of lead times are wrong

- 81% of order quantities are wrong

- 62% of order points are wrong

- 8% of SKUs are duplicates

- More than 50% of open work orders are waiting on parts

- 25% of time spent is looking for parts

- 30% of spare parts will never be used

* Data from MRO Connection. 

Students will be guided through different systematic approaches to stocking the right inventory, which balances the cost of parts with the cost of downtime. They will learn the correct way to establish new part setup using the correct taxonomy in order to prevent duplication of parts while reducing spare part costs. The students will perform Storage practice improvements during the project that will help to increase part quality while reducing installed defects.  Students can also expect to see the rightsizing of their inventory, which usually includes a reduction in working capital while having more of the right parts onsite!

A few (of many) learning objectives:

- Bill of Materials

- Calculating ordering and carrying costs

- ABC classification

- Storeroom layout

- Managing obsolete parts

- Implementing storeroom performance metrics

If you want to transform your storeroom to help your facility run smoother, then this iBL® program will change your organization! Contact us to learn more on our new program and how to get your storeroom to a world class level today!