Leading Reliability - June 6th

Training, Application, and Reinforcing E-Learning and a Day Aboard The USS Yorktown


Join us at The Institute at Patriots Point for this unique event of education and applied learning with some of the top leaders in the industry for reliability, preventative, and predictive maintenance strategies. The afternoon sessions will provide application of the knowledge with simulations and "time on the tools". You will leave this session with reinforcing e-learning that you can take back and share with others in your organization. As a bonus, we are providing a leadership experience with a chance to fly the F-35 flight simulators. This is one-of-a kind learning event.

Location: USS Yorktown Charleston Mount Pleasant, SC

Date: Thursday, June 6th, 2019 (8am-4pm)


Chris Tindell

Chris Tindell, CMRP 

Regional Business Manager



SEPCO Morning Session with Chris Tindell:

Bearing isolators can prevent oil changes, contaminant wear, and extend bearing life.

Rotating equipment is the heart of industry, and centrifugal pumps are second only to the electric motor in the industrial equipment population. Lubricating oil is the lifeblood of rotating equipment. When lubricants fail, machines breakdown and production stops. Research shows that oil contamination is the leading cause of bearing failure.

Ultimately, identifying and addressing the underlying causes of lubricant contamination improves system reliability and extends pump life. Ensuring the reliability of a simple oil seal directly impacts overall bearing and pump reliability. Improving the abilities of the oil seal, perhaps replacing it with an effective, non-contact bearing isolator capable of expelling contaminants may provide maintenance-free lubrication reliability.

Afternoon application session:

During this session you will learn the major sources of bearing failure and how to mitigate them. Understand how improved component selection in the lubrication system can mitigate early failure of pump system components. As well as, gain tips for ensuring lubrication reliability with bearing isolators.

Ludeca morning session with Adam Stredel:

Increase Bearing Life Through Proper Storage and Installation

There are many causes for bearing failures. In this workshop, we will discuss three: storage, bearing installation and machine installation. Learn about the common mistakes we make in the bearing storage room. Do away with sheer force or excessive heat and other poor practices in bearing installation by learning how to use induction heating correctly to safely heat, demagnetize and shrink-fit bearings. Also, explore how to best use laser alignment tools to measure baseplates and detect soft foot problems to reduce bearing load and premature wear.

Afternoon application session:

Workshop will include hands-on sessions on flatness measurements with laser systems plus alignment and soft foot checks on training simulators. In addition, we will review bearing removal and mounting with induction heating on a simulator. Activities will be complemented with step-by-step procedures to perform these tasks correctly.




Adam Stredel

Adam Stredel, CRL

Applications Engineer


shon headshot-1-1

Shon Isenhour, CMRP, CAMA, CCMP

Partner at Eruditio LLC


Eruditio morning session with Shon Isenhour:

In manufacturing, a good plan is critical. To really drive precision maintenance and reliability we need job plans that include the safety and reliability factors that are commonly missed. This needs to include how and to what standard each of these factors should be addressed. This can be a tough job but we will show you an easier way. During this session we will look at a tool and process for effectively planning the replacement of bearings and seals or any parts on your equipment. We will also discuss problem solving why they failed in the first place using the Transitional tools of Root Cause Analysis. 

Afternoon application session: 

During the afternoon session we will talk about current problems you're facing in your facilities and how you can apply what we've talked about today in your facility tomorrow!


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The After Event 4-6PM

The first 20 attendees to sign up and commit are invited to join us for the afterhours session from 4PM until 6PM. We will be in the USS Yorktown F-35 flight simulators. Here we will talk about mission (project) planning, communication and risk, and high speed execution, while doing barrel rolls, launching missiles, and destroying targets (competitors) in this one of a kind facility that is only available though Eruditio and The Institute at Patriots Point.

To register for this event, please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you with more specifics as we get closer to the event!

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